Arm board - 100 30


















The Remeda arm board is developed to make shoulder surgery, for example, easier. The height is easily adjusted by two buttons situated at the foot of the table. One advantage with the electric height adjustment is that the table can be adjusted during surgery


The arm board remains stable during the operation due to the arm boards three feet. Because of the two wheels, the arm board can easily be rolled away when not in use.


The arm board has no permanent connection to an external outlet. The battery pack, the electronics and the lifting device are installed in the pillar. A battery charger is delivered with the arm board. Its only needs to be recharged once a week, due to the generous capacity of the battery.


The top, pillar cover, pillar and stand of the arm board are all made of stainless steel Size Height
100 30-01   248 x 600 mm   720 - 1220 mm